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When it comes to outsourcing there are a lot of choices and benefits of utilizing a Third Party Logistics(3PL) company. Not only have these providers learned how to be the best but the 3PL is able to quickly finish tasks, provide cheaper service, and sustain efficiency a lot better than without them.

To get a better idea, here are a few proven points taken from the State of Logistics Outsourcing study that says:

  • 3PLS can reduce logistics costs by 11%
  • 3PLS can reduce the cost of inventory by 6%
  • 3PLS can reduce the cost of fixed logistics by 23%

But exactly how does a 3PL manage to pull this off? Simple, they tackle their client companies handling, storage, and transport needs. Once these are recognized they use special software to develop a personalized distribution and warehousing plan.

To get these benefits from a 3PL it’s best if you follow these 3 tips.


Tip 1: 3PL Has a High Level of Tech Savviness

There are a lot of reasons why a 3PL can seem to be working slowly for you. Whether it involves a process change or a new process is being implemented, the main reason is that they have many clients requesting their services. There is no doubt that a 3PL wants to keep their customers in the loop.  So what you must make sure that the 3PL maintains the pace of your business.   Your 3PL should be able to keep their systems updated with new technology that merges perfectly with yours.


Tip 2: 3PL Grows With You

It is nice to know that a 3PL is flexible and scalable. This is how you will know if they can handle what your business requires now and in the future.  For a 3PL to excel in this area, they will need to maintain a close working relationship with clients.  You need your logistics partner to have an understanding of your business forecasting and planning. This will allow the 3PL to deliver superb services in terms of labor and support.


Tip 3: 3PL Must Offer Unique Solutions and Business Intelligence

Being unique in business is what separates top-notch 3PL’s from mediocre 3PL’s. If you are like most, you prefer working with a quality logistics partner.  3PLs introduce their clients to technology that is relevant.  They also provide insight concerning trends and develop opportunities for knowledge exchange.

All-in-all, choosing the perfect 3PL for your business can save precious time and can be a real business investment that will continue to show results well into the future.


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At DGD Transport, we pride ourselves on disrupting the ever-changing logistics industry by developing tools and solutions that meet our customer’s needs. Through our on-demand proprietary technology, DGD Transport offers cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions. As the premier 3PL company in South Florida, our team is comprised of forward-thinkers who value efficiency and doing things differently. 

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