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We have been successful at integrating various services with our transportation for years. We have built a solid reputation amongst our peers.

We would like you to join our transportation team and be part of a tech-minded, start-up atmosphere where brilliant working minds come together to disrupt the outdated transportation industry.

We provide services which include Nationwide Full Truckload (FTL), Less Than Truckload (LTL), dangerous goods transportation, cold storage, cargo screening, last mile delivery, and much more.

When you join DGD Transport’s carrier network you will gain access, along with a vast network of dedicated shippers, to our customer base in industries such as fine wine & spirits, mining, aeronautical, and many more.

Our customers require a neutral logistics distribution network, which we deliver. Plus, we make sure to save them time and money.

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DGD Transport, a full service 3PL provider based in Miami, FL, serving as a Gateway to Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, and beyond.


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  • Loads coming from reputable, Fortune 500 companies
  • Steady Freight
  • Dedicated In-House Support Staff (24/7)
  • High-Level Tracking Technology
  • Easy Payment Processing
  • EDI Capabilities
  • Cash and Fuel Advances
  • Access to TruckHub and our Loadboard
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DGD Transport’s Custom Technology - Every Carrier Has Access To Our Systems.

When you haul freight as part of DGD Transport’s carrier network, you’ll be able to utilize our custom-designed in-house technology -

TruckHub includes access to our state-of-the-art live-tracking system backed by Google Maps API, giving our customers 24/7 management and visibility of their cargo. TruckHub provides a Mobile App platform for our drivers allowing them to update the customer and dispatch team of the cargo's status along each leg of the load. Furthermore, we use other standardized platforms, such as Florida International Terminal, plus we have our entire fleet integrated with GPS Insight Tracking.

Becoming a member of the DGD Transport Carrier Network isn't just any other trucking job, simply put - our technology is custom-built with you, the carrier, in mind. This is particularly useful for time sensitive cargo and for being able to keep our carriers’ trucks loaded and on the go.

The tracking tools of the future are here!

Why DGD Transport

We provide you 1 point of contact, no call centers, 1-1 relationship start to finish. We take pride in seeing you grow and if you grow so do we.

We are the SOURCE we will provide you wholesale and genuine services with no brokerage so the prices and updates throughout are coming from us!

We have been building API systems catered to us for years. We are all about integrating our data with yours. Our TMS and WMS systems speak to each other and will speak to your systems as well.

Our start to finish 1 stop shop allows you to focus on selling your product leaving our trained pros to handle your logistic challenges no matter what they are.

What's New

Not only do our clients utilize around-the-globe access to elite logistic services and support. But, they can also take advantage of our knowledge center to stay informed on the latest and greatest in modern logistics.

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