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DGD Transport Payment Processing Services

Our eCommerce expertise allows us to attest when a payment is secure
and combine payment processing services with smart packaging shipping and more.

Safe & Secure Payment Processing Solutions

Product fulfillment payment processing is fully supported by DGD Transport.

How does this work?

Your company has an account with a third party “card not present” payment processing company such as Paypal or Once you open a merchant account, the third party attempts to collect payment. In just a few seconds the payment is collected and we – as your shipping warehouse -- can attest to the payment being secure and completed.

We take extra precautions and request classified information to prevent fraudulent charges :

  • CVV Code - Card Verification Value - Adds security by asking the payee to further validate the credit card number provided on the rear of the card.
  • AVS - Address Verification System - We compare the address provided to the address on file for the card being used.
  • Credit Card Country - Request that the payee confirm what country the card was issued in.

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