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Your New Retail Warehousing Partner

Pick and Pack Retail Fulfillment

Step 1:

Calculate your costs based on the number of SKUs and Handling Units 

Pricing Breakdown

For Every Dollar You Spend With DGD Transport it Covers: 



Facility Improvements

Overhead Expenses


Packaging Materials

Software Development




Step 2:

Let us help you estimate your storage requirements.

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Climate Controlled


Truck forklift boxes



container storage warehousing image

Shelf Space


DGD Transport Box Background

Large Bin


small packing box white

Small Bin


Step 3:


Now, take a look at what we offer with our pick and pack service at no additional cost to you!

Heavily Discounted Shipping Options

DGD Transport  receives heavily discounted shipping rates with every major carrier, and the best part is that we pass these discounts on to you and your customers.

Unlimited Integrations

Since we have pre-existing integrations with 60+ shopping carts and marketplaces, you won't be charged to integrate your shopping cart with your DGD Pick & Pack account.

Dedicated Customer Support

Each DGD Transport customer will have access to a dedicated Account Manager to answer any questions or concerns regarding your account and orders.

Receiving Photos

As an additional layer of quality control, we take photos of all new SKUs upon receiving so we have a visual reference of the items we're picking and you're managing in our software.

Order & Inventory Management Software

Our software syncs with your online shopping carts and marketplaces to track inventory levels, so you can forecast when you need to reorder more inventory.

Freight Managment

DGD Transport will help you find the best and most cost-effective way to deliver your product to our facility most likely through Air Freight, Ocean Freight, or DHL Express.

Claims Management

On the rare occasion that a shipment gets lost, damaged, or incorrectly delivered we'll help you file a claim with the carrier.

Address Validation

All orders with a US address are verified to ensure they are "deliverable" as determined by the USPS. Our system will provide warnings and errors if critical address information is missing.

Step 5:

Additional Fees.

Our most common "other" fees are special projects. This includes tasks like counting inventory, repackaging products, quality control, bagging products, or any other generic task not a part of your plan.

If you are expecting a container in which the cargo is palletized, there is no receiving fee. If the cargo is "free loaded" and we need to off-load and palletize inventory for you, you'll be billed based on the size of the container.

We have no restrictions when it gets to the size of clients we are willing to work with, but there is a cost associated with running each account on our platform and the support we provide. That's why we have a minimum monthly pick fee. It starts at $250/month or equals your storage fees. If you don't reach the minimum with your pick and pack fees, you will be billed the difference.

We stock over 50 different shipping boxes, bubble mailers, clear poly bags, white poly mailers, and pallets. If we don't have the right size packaging material for your products, we can order it for you.

Why DGD Transport

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DGD Transport provides our clients with a single point of contact- no call centers, just great customer service with one-on-one relationships, from start to finish. We take pride in seeing our clients' business grow and we scale projects and cost to further boost profitability.

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DGD Transport is an on-demand, one-stop-shop for 3PL services. DGD Transport will provide wholesale and genuine services with no brokerage restrictions, so the prices and updates throughout are arrive directly through us. 100% compliant and transparent digital solutions.

3PL Tech icon

As a technology enabled 3PL, DGD Transport has been building effective API systems for years. By utilizing and providing proprietary integrations, services and information flawlessly flows from organization to organization, department to department. Our TMS & WMS systems will connect with your platform, bringing features, information, & transparency.

on-demand globe icon

By creating and using in-house services, DGD Transport controls every part of the large (and complex) logistics process chain. Our start to finish one-stop-shop allows our clients to focus running their business, while our compliant and experienced staff members handle their logistic challenges- no matter what they may be.

3PL Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does DGD Transport Have GPS Tracking On Their Trucks?
  • Does DGD Transport Have GPS Tracking On Their Trucks?

    Yes! Thanks to the power of TruckHub, transportation management system (TMS) for the modern 3PL operation, allows our dispatch team to manage and update a number of 3PL related tasks- real-time driver communication, GPS tracking, document uploading (proof of deliveries etc.), and so much more! Learn more here.

  • Asset-Based & 3PL Brokers
  • Asset-Based & 3PL Brokers

    freight broker can be an individual or company that matches shippers with transportation services in order to transport goods. When a manufacturer has a truckload of goods to get to market, freight brokers find a transportation service that can get that cargo to a specific location via a motor carrier. Freight brokers work with shippers and transportation carriers to help them make a profit in moving cargo and, in return, receive a commission for their services. Freight brokers negotiate the prices between the shipper and the carrier and make any necessary adjustments to the shipping service in order to get the job done.

  • Does DGD Transport Offer Hazmat Services?
  • Does DGD Transport Offer Hazmat Services?

    Yes! DGD Transport is able to assist both B2B and B2C operations with compliant 3PL hazmat services! DGD Hazmat can fully handle hazmat training, checklists, documentation, and shipping dangerous goods. Learn more here.

  • What Is A 3PL?
  • What Is A 3PL?

    A 3PL is outsourced logistic services that encompasses the management of the way resources are moved to complete a task.  At DGD Transport we utilize our assets and technology based systems to provide a complete solution to all your logistics needs.

  • What is a Freight Broker?
  • What is a Freight Broker?

    This is an intermediary between a shipper and a trucker or trucking company. DGD Transport provides freight brokerage Nationwide with blended asset based logistics. We aren't just a broker we are also a carrier, we understand freight and combine our strategic assets with our carrier relationships to form a complete 3PL Service.

  • What is a Public Warehouse?
  • What is a Public Warehouse?

    This is a facility that stores many different goods for different business’ as opposed to a private warehouse which is owned and operated by only that companies goods. DGD Transport is a Neutral Warehouse provider we aren’t competing with our customers to be a freight forwarder so you can trust us to handle your cargo but not take your customers!

  • What kind of Nationwide Services do you Offer?
  • What kind of Nationwide Services do you Offer?

    We have Nationwide FTL, LTL and Expedited Services. We can assist with giving customers a myriad of options for less than a truckload of cargo shipments. 1 day, 3 day, 5 day or economical 7 day transit times are given in 1 quote, allowing you to make an assessment of what rate works best for you. We also work with over 19000 carriers that we are connected with that can pick up a FTL shipment the same day with no issue. On Expedited Service we offer overnight air freight in the domestic USA with 10 am delivery or more economical 5 pm delivery NEXT DAY!

  • What is Container Drayage?
  • What is Container Drayage?

    This is a service of transporting goods via ground transport specifically via the port ramps  to a short distance near the port ramps. DGD Transport is an Asset-Based Drayman, we currently provide services Asset Based in all of Florida Ports. We also provide Drayage Services anywhere in the U.S. via our Freight Brokerage Team.

  • What is Last Mile Delivery?
  • What is Last Mile Delivery?

    This is a term in the supply chain management and transportation process for movement of goods via a transportation hub to the final destination.  DGD Transport provides Last Mile Delivery Solutions to the airport with our TSA Approved drivers as well as local pickup and delivery services for imports coming from foreign countries, delivering to anywhere in the USA.

  • What is a U.S. Customs Bonded Warehouse?
  • What is a U.S. Customs Bonded Warehouse?

    A bonded warehouse, or bond, is a building or other secured area in which dutiable goods may be stored, manipulated, or undergo manufacturing operations without payment of duty. It may be managed by the state or by private enterprise. In the latter case a customs bond must be posted with the government. At DGD Transport we have a 5 year bonded warehouse Type 21 warehouse entry, we also have a CFS CONTAINER FREIGHT STATION and an IBEC INBOND EXPORT CONSOLIDATION WAREHOUSE.

  • How is an IBEC Used?
  • How is an IBEC Used?

    At DGD Transport we use our IBEC Bonded Space for consolidation of export inbond shipments that are consolidated on a weekly basis to be shipped out overseas to a foreign ultimate consignee. With an IBEC you are able to consolidate multiple inbonds into 1 shipment for ease of use into the foreign entry point while deferring duty for a short period of time inside a bonded warehouse. We can assist you with IE or TE informal entries to get your IBEC Shipments moving.

  • What Fulfillment Services does DGD Transport use?
  • What Fulfillment Services does DGD Transport use?

    As a local distribution center for the Florida market as well as a consolidator point or gateway warehouse, DGD TRANSPORT understands the changing market of local same day delivery and fulfillment needs that our customers have. With LOGISTICO we can connect your AMAZON, EBAY  or any shopping cart to our warehouse management system and do 100’s of orders daily with a click of a button and ease of use!

A Technology-Enabled 3PL Company

We pride ourselves on disrupting the ever-changing logistics industry by developing tools and solutions that meet our customer's needs. Through our on-demand proprietary technology, DGD Transport offers cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions. As the premier 3PL company in South Florida, our team is comprised of forward-thinkers who value efficiency and doing things differently. We are focused on giving our customer a quiet trucking experience that is why we use technology to provide on-demand and transparent 3PL services.

"Our responsible technological solutions include HazHub, TruckHub TMS, Logistico, Magaya WMS, RMIS, Macropoint, Mcleod TMS, Teletrac, Carrier Rate, TradeShift & Samsara."

These digital solutions integrate with our daily operations to provide ease of use, real-time response, transparency and a critical location for tracking and managing the movements of goods. Experience all that is possible with a superior 3PL provider, contact DGD Transport today to get started.

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