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At DGD Transport we provide a wide array of Heavy Hauling and Oversized Transportation Services. Our equipment is tailormade to assist you in any scenario and with any equipment necessary. Our Oversize Equipment Hauling Team is ready at a moment's notice. Our team can assist with Permit Heavy Hauling throughout the State of Florida. We can also assist with your project cargo needs. We can handle a wide range of project cargo shipments no matter how big or how small.

Over the years, our company has worked with numerous customers on specialty trucking loads. Each oversized equipment hauling or heavy hauling shipment is unique and the customer’s requirements can vary significantly. Instead of delivering a flat response to each situation, our heavy hauling specialists will cater their responses and solutions directly to your individual transport problem. This will help guarantee that your problem is handled in the most professional and accurate manner possible. Feel free to call or email us at any time and our expert team will do whatever is necessary to fulfill your requirements. Our huge network of operators and heavy hauling specialists are experienced with all types of heavy loads and oversized transport. Our wide variety of Equipment includes Low Boy, Low Boy RGN Stretch, Step Decks, Flat Beds and Landolls. We have a large full time staff dedicated to providing 24-hour service to ensure your load is delivered as agreed.

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Our Team

  • Yard Manager
  • Heavy Lift Operator
  • Rigging Operator
  • Security Day and Night time shift
  • Yearly Oversize Permits on all trucks
  • Yearly Overweight Permits

Our Equipment

  • 50000 pound forklift
  • 30000 pound forklift
  • Crane Service
  • 10 Low Boy RGN Stretch Trailers
  • 15 Flat Bed Trailers
  • 15 Landloll Trailers
  • Landoll 53 ft & 48 ft
  • 10 Step Deck Trailers

DGD Advantages

  • 5 Acre Yard
  • Construction Storage
  • Trailer Storage
  • Container Storage
  • Project Cargo
  • Long Term
  • Short TermM

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Why DGD Transport

Haul shipments of all sizes and commodities for our wide range of customers and keep your truck loaded and on the move.

We are capable of handling and complying with all relevant government agencies which makes us the ideal partner.

We handle all of our shipments with one point of contact from start to finish.

Our live tracking system makes it easy to provide location updates and much more.

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Not only do our clients utilize around-the-globe access to elite logistic services and support. But, they can also take advantage of our knowledge center to stay informed on the latest and greatest in modern logistics.

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