Let us deal with customs agencies and shipments that experience holds.
We are experts in speeding up the delivery of imports.

Arranging customs clearance in port of miami & port of everglades

We specialize in U.S custom clearance and type 21 bonded warehouse entries. We also provide informal inbonds such as IT,TE, or IE’s. Our team is experienced in communicating with customs agencies.

Our Main Service Ports

  • 5201 Port of Miami
  • 5203 Port Everglades
  • 5206 Miami International Airport

U.S. Food and Drug Administration
We specialize in food and food-related products. We are also experienced in handling U.S. Food and Drug Administration matters.

We are experts in dealing with the specific requirements of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. We coordinate with USDA before the vessel arrives to determine if they wish to examine, need to fumigate or usually release each related shipment.

CAD/Clear at Discharge
With advanced notice, we can arrange for Customs clearance in Port of Miami and Port Everglades of discharged containers for their destinations throughout the entire country, including Phoenix, Dallas, Texas, New Mexico, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Denver.
On movement’s further inland, this speeds up delivery because containers arrive at their rail destination already cleared, and ready for delivery.

Importer Security Filing
We can now file your required Importer Security Filing.

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