Cross-Docking Warehouse Solutions for Last Mile Delivery

Increase productivity levels and speed of service.
Reduce handling times of shipments and improve efficiency with our cross-docking center in Miami FL.

Solutions For Your Business

It has become more important for a business or organization to increase their productivity levels and speed of service in order to achieve success. One strategy that helps businesses stay competitive is cross-docking. Cross-docking reduces handling times of shipments and also improves efficiency.

Top Cross Docking Benefits:
  1. Optimize Your Supply Chain
  2. Increase ROI
  3. Improve Your Inventory

Go Freight is a professional warehouse company that provides a thorough plan of action for every client and brings years of experience to the table. We can assist with incoming full trailers and cross-dock them into another trailer, or pick up a container at the port and cross-dock that container with a trailer.

What Is Cross Docking?

When a manufacturer, supplier or shipping company is distributing product to an individual client or business, the handling time is very important. It is ideal to get items from point A to point B in as little amount of time as possible, but while paying attention to safe handling and transport. When cross docking occurs in the Miami area, products are received through one dock, and then transferred to another cross dock, Miami location where transportation will take over there.

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