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Cross-Docking Solutions
for Last Mile Delivery


It has become more and more important for a business or organization to increase their productivity levels and speed of service in order to achieve success. One strategy that helps a business be competitive and satisfy customers is cross docking. When used correctly, this process reduces handling times of shipments and also improves efficiency. A professional warehouse company such as DGD Transport provides a well thought out plan of action for every client and brings years of experience to the table. We can assist in incoming full trailers and cross dock them into another trailer or even pick up a container at the port and cross dock that container with a trailer.

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DGD Advantage

  • Online Inventory Management Software
  • Online Appointment Scheduling
  • Electronic Bill of Lading
  • Electronic Cargo Release in WMS System
  • Combining Our Assets with Our Warehouse for a Seamless Process

Our Warehouse

  • 40,000 square foot
  • 40 dock doors
  • Ramps

Our Team

  • Warehouse specialists
  • Receiving Manager
  • Shipping Manager
  • Dedicated Forklift Drivers

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Why DGD Transport

Haul shipments of all sizes and commodities for our wide range of customers and keep your truck loaded and on the move.

We are capable of handling and complying with all relevant government agencies which makes us the ideal partner.

We handle all of our shipments with one point of contact from start to finish.

Our live tracking system makes it easy to provide location updates and much more.

Our Services

What's New

Not only do our clients utilize around-the-globe access to elite logistic services and support. But, they can also take advantage of our knowledge center to stay informed on the latest and greatest in modern logistics.

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