Maximize Efficiency with Transloading

| By: DGDtransport

Transporting containers across long distances should incorporate strategic logistical planning. Sometimes a container’s journey may begin by air, then be moved onto a train, and complete its delivery via a truck. This typically occurs when goods and assets have to be shipped internationally from one landlocked location to another.

trans-loading across air, ground and sea

What is Transloading

Transloading is the transferring of a shipment from one vessel to another. This is required due to the change of equipment between different transfer points. Transloading is also an efficient way for customs to regulate incoming and outgoing shipments to the United States.

Imagine, if you are a business in South Florida that is attempting to transport assets to Eastern Europe. First, a truck will be required to get the shipment to the airport. Loading a truck’s load onto an airplane requires adhering to a certain protocol, this is encompassed in DGD Transport’s Transloading Services

Constant Changes

Once the overseas delivery is completed via airplane logistic planning needs to be in order to get the assets (accounted for in an itemized) off the plane and onto a truck or train. The constant state of transportation changes expose your shipment to the risk of damages and require compliance to federally mandated import and export laws.

Trust that DGD transportation has the experience and connections to get your goods delivered safely to their destination.

When a client approaches us about a transloading operation we weigh out the best possible solution. We take into consideration that South Florida transloading offers many outlets to move assets.

You may think that the best solution is to drive out of the peninsula and across the country, but to your surprise air and sea transportation may be a more cost-effective solution.

Shipping Dates

Did you know that it takes about 2-3 days to unload a ship’s containers? Our years of experience have taught us how to realistically gauge expectations and delivery times. Without the help of a professional, you may estimate an impractical delivery date, which in turn has the possibility of creating a domino effect of issues for the receivers.

These issues put you at risk of incurring costs. If the assets you are shipping include fresh produce that cannot be in a state of travel for too long then you put your very shipment at risk. This is one of many reasons why you need to carefully select your transloading providers.


What We Can Do

If your transloading requires storage we can also offer you those services. Our state of the art facility offers HIGH-level security and a live video feed of your shipping container in our offices. DGD Transport prides itself in adhering to all IATA regulations and is up to date with current changes such as the recent amendments regarding the transportation of lithium batteries.

The services we offer that can be bundled with transloading include: bonded warehousing, cold storage, 3PL warehouse, certified cargo screenings, packaging and crating, and the transportation of dangerous goods.

Contact one of the shipping experts at DGD Transportation today and learn about their state of the art warehouses and ultra-efficient shipping solutions.