Certified Cargo Screening

| By: DGDtransport

When it comes to understanding the significance of international transportation, it is necessary to understand the business of logistics- with heavy stress on being certified.

DGD Transportation specializes in Certified Cargo Screening and making sure our client’s cargo is compliant with importation regulations. DGD is a participant in the TSA’s Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP). We offer cargo screening services to shippers, forwarders, and carriers.

If you are shipping items over a customs border you will want to read about the common mishaps importers experience when dealing with the United States Custom Agency.

Expert guidance to avoid mishaps.

Improper Classification

The inability to classify items correctly can have major consequences. Not only do you potentially risk consequences of bringing illegal or banned items into or out of a country, but you could also risk having your entire shipment detained or impounded.

Furthermore, when you think about the duties and tariffs that happen at the borders you want to make sure the correct items are claimed, as to save you money. This is the perfect ticket to a long day consisting of inspections

Not Filing as ISF Form at Origin

Not only do customs agents take the ISF forms seriously, but they know you need to as well. Besides the fact that you can end up paying significant fines if you fail to have your correct ISF forms in place for intermodal transportation, you may also attract unwanted.

If you give the customs professionals a reason to stall you and waste your valuable time, then you could be jeopardizing your business by making it inefficient.

Vacis Examinations at the Port of Destination

cargo screening x ray Miami

The VACIS examination was instituted to keep cargo protected. Keeping illegal guns, drugs, and currency out of the country has been at the forefront of the Customs department’s agenda since the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Importers should be prepared to have their cargo x-rayed.

Importer Bonds

Not filing for Importer Continuous Bond Insurance 5 days prior to arrival can be very risky. Even though the major accidents don’t happen often, the last thing you will want is liability for the contents of a shipment. If those liabilities come during intermodal transportation then there is a significant chance it could be significant dollars in the form of broken contracts.

However, it could also be in the form of actual liability and damages to cargo.

Master Bill of Lading

worker screening cargo counting

Customs is very strict in regards to cataloguing the number of items being imported into the United States.

If the numbers do not match up it could insinuate tampering, theft, or even evidence of smuggling (if too many pieces). A miscount  could place your contract with your client in jeopardy if you fail to bring the total contents to their final destination.

There are countless reasons that can potentially lead to numerous setbacks, delays, failed delivery of cargo that no one should have to endure. Why would you risk the delivery of what’s important with inexperience when you can rely on DGD Transport to safely get your cargo through customs. Call Us Today to learn more!