Choosing Truck Wheels

| By: Gilbert

How to select the correct wheels for your truck

• Types of wheels for trucks
• Common brands in the market

How to Select the Correct Wheels for your Truck

Choosing the right set of wheels for your truck could prove to be a difficult task if you are not aware
of what fits you in the market. Whether you are interested in light wheels or heavy duty wheels, it is
good to know and understand the type of wheels you need. The truck has only two models available
in the market.
These include the following;
• Steel wheels
• Cast wheels
Steel wheels seem to be the best option for heavy-duty off-road trucks. This is because they offer
durability, high performance, and cost effective. They are built to withstand extensive mileage. Cast
wheels, on the other hand, are made with aluminum alloy. These are well suited for lighter vehicles.
Types of Wheels
It is clear that the type of wheels you choose for our truck is as important as where you choose to
drive it in. The size of the wheels you choose for your truck determines the performance of your
vehicle. There are two significant sizes of wheels that are preferred for trucks. These are 35 and 37-
inch wheels. Several brands manufacture these.
Common Brands in the Market
The most common brands found in the market include the following;
• BF Goodrich
• Michelin
• Good Year
• Toyo
Among all these, BF Goodrich seems to be the people’s choice. Reviews about this brand show that
their products are efficient, of good quality, and most of all, pocket-friendly.
They are built to provide consistency, longevity, and withstand massive mileage. They offer
directional stability since they are big. They prove to have more resistance to dirt and are not porous.
This show that they are well suited for rough, muddy, and sloppy terrain.
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