5 Things That Can Create A Customs Hold

| By: DGDtransport

When it comes to understanding the significance of intermodal transportation, you are talking about the business of logistics. Every day people go to stores to buy things, have supplies delivered to them, and are able to get whatever they want without even having to worry about how to get it.

DGD Transportation specializes in Certified Cargo Screening and making sure our client’s cargo is compliant with importation regulations. DGD is a participant in the TSA’s Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP). We offer cargo screening services to shippers, forwarders, and carriers making sure we never have to suffer a customs hold.

If you happen to be shipping your items over a customs border and timing is of the essence, then pay attention to these major mishaps so you won’t miss a beat.

customs hold

Avoiding these common mishaps can save you $$$

Improper Classification

The inability to classify items correctly can have major consequences. Not only do you potentially risk consequences of bringing illegal or banned items into or out of a country, but you could also risk having your entire shipment detained or impounded.

Furthermore, when you think about the duties and tariffs that happen at the borders, you do not want to be claiming certain items when you actually bring others along. This is the perfect ticket to a long day and every inspection you can imagine in the intermodal transportation world.

Not Filing a ISF Form at Origin

Not only do customs agents take the ISF forms seriously, but they know you need to as well. Besides the fact that you can end up paying significant money in fines if you fail to have your correct ISF forms in place for intermodal transportation, but you can also wind up attracting unwanted attention as well.

If you give the customs professionals a reason to stall you and waste your valuable time, then you could truly wind up making intermodal transportation one of the most inefficient choices possible. Make the customs agents upset and make their job harder, and they could be likely to return the favor. 

VACIS Examinations at the Port of Destination

cargo screening x ray Florida

The whole point of the VACIS is to simply keep your cargo protected (and others protected from your cargo). Keeping illegal guns, drugs, and currency out of the country has been even more important post 9/11, so you should be prepared to get the x-ray examination over with as quickly as possible.

It may not be the most fun thing to do, but it’s simple enough and it’s one more thing to check off of the list so you can get on your way without a customs hold. 

Not Having an Importer Continuous Bond to File 5 Days Prior to Arrival = Customs Hold

Insurance is always a major part of any business. Even though the major accidents don’t happen often, the last thing you will want to do is be stuck holding the bill for liabilities. If those liabilities come during intermodal transportation then there is a significant chance it could be significant dollars in the form of broken contracts.

However, it could also be in the form of actual liability and damages to cargo.

Not Declaring the Correct Number of Pieces on the Master Bill of Lading = Customs Hold

customs hold

When it comes to the specifics of making sure your contents and cargo are secured, people take it seriously. If there is a number off it could mean tampering, theft (if too little pieces), or even evidence of smuggling (if too many pieces).

It could even mean that your contract could be in jeopardy if you fail to bring the total contents to the final destination. The last thing you want to do is have your master bill of lading be off or else you are already going to raise some major red flags.

The olden days may have meant being lucky with shipments from cargo ships and covered wagons, but today there is intermodal shipping to make logistics as easy as possible. Employing a top-tier company such as DGD Transport to handle everything will give you peace of mind knowing everything is handled safely and effectively and will be delivered on time.