How much do Truckers Earn?

| By: Gilbert

A study Across the United States of America

• Categories that determine income
• Factors that determine income
• The salary of truck drivers
When deciding to become a trucker, the following are some of the factors that one must consider;
• It is not for everyone since it is very taxing and can test your limits for endurance.
• Salaries do vary depending on the companies that hire.
• Payment varies as some companies pay per mile while others pay per hour
Financial viability and stability is the center of every trucker's job. They enjoy the satisfaction of long-
term job security.
Categories that Determine Income
Four categories influence the amount of payment one gets as a truck driver. These include;
• Student truck driver
• CDL truck driver
• OTR CDL truck driver
• Team truck drivers
Among all of these, the OTR CDL drivers earn the most salaries compared to the rest. This is
because they are licensed. Their salaries average around $82,000 per annum. They are followed by
the team truck drivers who earn an average of $71,000 per year. CDL truck driver's earnings are
approximately $41,000 each year, and the least earning group of drivers is the student truck drivers
who earn an approximate of $41,000 per year.
Factors that Influence Driving Income
The following factors influence these differences in income rates;
• Mileage
• Licensing and the level of education attained
• Location
• Experience
• Bonuses
• Specific Roles
Companies that offer payment per mile offer the best salaries as compared to those who pay per
hour. Bonuses and benefits of salary often reward a driver who meets thresholds.
It is important to note that for one to be a truck driver, one has to attend training at a driving school.
Some driving schools offer sponsorship for students who are willing to indulge in this business, but
upon graduation, one's salary is deducted to repay the initial sponsorship cost.