How to get Hazmat 3PL Certified

| By: Gilbert

Organizations that are involved in the certification of Hazmat 3pl

During transportation and storage of dangerous goods, 3PL companies adhere to rules and
regulations of the organizations which are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring safety in this
industry. There are specific training which is held to educate all the stakeholders in this industry.
For one to attain certification in the 3pl industry, they are to consult several agencies, some of which
include the following;
• ISO9001
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
This organization aims to protect workers from harm in the workplace. It has put forth guidelines,
procedures, rules, and regulations to be followed by stakeholders in the 3PL industry. It insists on
labeling of vehicles transporting dangerous goods according to its safety data sheets.
Department of Transportation (DOT)
It lays out policies concerning material identification, packaging, and operational rules for the 3PL
ISO 9001
This department has stringent rules which focus on the protection from security threats and
influence the advancement in innovation hence consistency in operations.
The C-TPAT is important for the 3pl companies which trade beyond the borders. It is given at the US
borders and it’s critical for self-assessment in the supply chain industry.
For air based transportations, IATA has put forth dangerous goods regulations for the transportation
of hazardous goods. This is important for 3pl companies which transport goods by air.
The 3pl industry specializes in the transportation of hazardous materials.
To be certified for production of these services, one has to get access from the organizations named
above and fulfill all their requirements. They offer rules and regulations to protect stakeholders in
this industry.
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