Do’s and Dont’s of Importing Alcohol into the United States

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If importing alcohol is an essential need for your company, it is important that you are educated in the proper procedures of doing so. DGD Transport has the experience and know how to help you import alcohol seamlessly.

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You need to have: an FDA number, registration with local and state authorities in the area where you will be doing business, your trucker(s) properly routed and set up with GPS tracking, and your shipping contents verified with a master bill if stocked in a bonded warehouse. DGD Transport can help take the headache out of some of the procedures for importing and transporting alcohol.

Importing Alcohol Requirements

Companies who want to sell or distribute alcohol in the United States need to be aware of such requirements and comply with them. The company that you purchase alcohol from, if located outside the US, must be registered with the FDA. You must also file a notice with the FDA before importing alcohol. Fees and taxes must be paid, and you have to gain a permit from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

All local and state rules and regulations must be followed before the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will release the shipment to go to a particular state. Your shipment will be held up by this organization if it is not in compliance with the rules. The trucker picking up your shipment at the port needs to be routed and have GPS tracking.

Bonded Warehouse

If you don’t need your shipment all at once, part or most of the alcohol can be put in a bonded warehouse. When it is placed in the warehouse, the contents of your shipment should be accounted for in the master bill. If you do not have a match, then it is necessary for you to process a manifest discrepancy report with the CBP. You can avoid claims by taking detailed pictures of the off-loading and loading processes. These headaches can all be avoided by contracting DGD transport.

importing alcohol into the united states

The Next Steps

Once you have followed all federal requirements and you have an understanding of (and have complied with) the rules and regulations of your local and state agencies, you should look at working with a company that can take some of the workload off of your importation process.

You can gain alcohol industry recognition by efficiently handling the logistics and storage of the imported goods. DGD Transport offers you several services to meet your needs in this area. They have custom bonds, trucking solutions, and offer very secure warehouses.

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