Using Logistics Mobile Apps Can Change Your Business

| By: DGDtransport

The logistics industry, like most modern businesses, is continually transforming and evolving to meet the demands of new technologies that are constantly being developed, launched, and put into use.

Plus, the increasing popularity of functional mobile apps is affecting businesses worldwide, including those operating in logistics.

Everyday there are more and more companies who are demanding and requiring the assistance of a reliable logistics app for their business which can be integrated into every stage of the supply chain – and not just for tracking!

Even more, a business may appear aesthetically more stable or professional with a custom, up-to-date mobile app. And, customers feel assured by the sophistication of an efficiently designed app.

The trucking, shipping, oil & gas, and many other industries have been realizing the benefits of using GPS technologies for years.

Additionally, the same types of technologies for shippers that enable you to map out the quickest route to your office and track your fuel consumption history are now being applied to logistics solutions – making it easier, safer, and much more cost-effective to perform effective and reliable transportation and distribution.

These new technologies, which include the next generation of mobile apps, will continue to expand and improve the logistics industry while minimizing transportation and production costs across the board.  

What do logistics mobile apps help with?

Perhaps the biggest advantage with implementing a logistic mobile app is the ability to deliver and receive crucial data in real-time to both business employees and customers.

Apps can also be used to record and store valuable data which can yield more responsive business decisions.

This makes it easier to perform accounting, billing, and regulatory reporting tasks. In addition, paper waste is eliminated, manpower is reduced, and human error is diminished. Which in turn will improve profitability and will enhance your bottom line.

Also, access to accurate tracking and notifications which can be sent automatically at each stage of transportation will enable individual employees to be tracked with the built-in GPS enabled technology.

This means that managers will always have direct contact with their drivers.

This can be particularly useful with traffic management. That’s because GPS technology can allow for real-time road updates which can certainly save you time and money.

Lastly, the opportunities to improve customer service from utilizing logistics mobile apps are virtually endless.

With the installation of an app, you can allow customers to track shipments, arrange updates to deliveries, or even live chat with a company representative.

Businesses may also use an app interface to communicate their latest product news and offers with their customers. 

DGD Transport Mobile Trucking Application Image

Who can help with your business’s logistics technology and innovation?

DGD Transport is a technology-enabled 3pl and full service provider located in Miami, Florida that has been serving as a gateway to Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe for over 10 years.

We will take out the middle man for you through our proactive IT solutions.

This includes making sure all of our staff members are carrying a smartphone at all times, installing GPS tracking in every vehicle, ensuring our customers get the most efficient and cost-effective service, and more!