Magaya Warehouse Management Software

| By: Gilbert

Everything You Need to Know

Reasons Why Magaya Software is ideal for your Warehouse


Today, the world is a global community where large amounts of goods are on transit each day.
These goods require storage and proper management so that they can arrive at the designated
destinations in good form. Warehouses are vital to ensure the supply chain of goods is efficient and
effective. Well managed warehouses make inventory management effortless.
Magaya Warehouse Management Software is made specifically to automate the management of a
warehouse such that all activities are monitored from gadgets served by a centralized database.
Pros of Magaya Warehouse Management Software
Warehouse activities can be cumbersome if done manually and hence might result in costly
mistakes. Magaya WMS is made specifically to automate all these activities. The following are some
benefits of the software:
• The system enables the management of inventory online using handheld gadgets and personal
• The system has an integrated accounting system that calculates inventory counts, storage costs
and invoicing.
• The system allows storage and transfer of data in XML format.
• The system has a user-friendly interface and 24/7 support.
• It uses barcodes to track inventory and goods in transit.
Cons of Magaya Warehouse Management software
Although Magaya WMS has lots of benefit for a warehouse manager it does not provide a simple
navigation interface that can be friendly to people who are not tech savvy. The Magaya website does
not provide the charges for their services which can lead to delayed decision making.
After reviewing the pros and cons of Magaya WMS it is evident that the pros outweigh the cons.
Magaya, therefore, is an ideal solution for any warehouse manager seeking reliable management