The Miami Herald Features DGD Transport

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Growing 3PL In South Florida

Miami Herald features DGD Transport in their paper as the company takes notice for its outstanding 3PL services in the South Florida region. Luis Lopez, our founder, was interviewed and explains to the Herald how DGD Transport came into existence. Read on to check out the Miami Herald’s interview!

Luis Lopez, CEO and Founder of DGD Transport

“There was a lot of demand for this type of service and existing companies were not agile. Shippers — especially companies using air cargo — need to have their dangerous cargoes classified, documented and ready to ship quickly.”

“Team DGD offers a wide variety of logistics solutions for air, ocean and road transportation,” Lopez said. The trade slump has not affected DGD, he said. “Today I don’t have enough trucks to meet demand, and I’ve ordered 30 more. The more trucks we have on the road, the more we can grow.”

Since its conception, DGD focused on two key factors- digital solutions and company-owned assets. By combining the on-demand services and capabilities of technology, such as TruckHub, with vehicles and equipment that the company itself owns, operators are able to increase with quality control, while providing outstanding customer service. In the 3PL Industry, this is rare, and the South Florida marketplace has noticed.

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