Tips & Tricks for Successful Project Cargo Transportation

| By: DGDtransport

Do you have over-dimensional and/or heavy lift pieces of equipment and need project cargo transportation? Project cargo are high-value pieces of equipment that are critical to the project they are intended for. This can include loads of various sizes and components which may require disassembly for transportation and reassembly after delivery.

project cargo transportation

As you can imagine, when it comes to handling the specialized transportation of oversized and or items, which typically require unique transport planning from origin to destination, knowledge and experience truly matters in order to ensure your project cargo is transported successfully.

That is because when it comes to transporting project cargo, transportation and logistics demands are increased due to the uniqueness of each individual situation.

Utilizing a knowledgeable professional to handle the transportation of your heavy-lift and high-value project cargo means that you will have access to the expertise and relationships with carriers that will allow you to plan and execute the job for you in the safest and most economical way possible.

To ensure safe, on-time and incident-free moving of your unwieldy cargo requires collaborative partnership, attention to detail and constant communication across the supply chain. From pre-planning through execution, anyone needing to transport project cargo must consider several factors for project success to confirm that your cargo moves without a hitch.

oversized load project cargo transportation

Planning for 3PL project success

Pre-planning –

We will take time before starting any work moving your project cargo to review the market so that we can find the right carriers and partners for your job. We are experienced with conducting detailed site reports to identify any possible challenges to be able to manage them in advance.

Customs and regulations –

Because taxes, inspection requirements and documentation may vary from country to country, we conduct local market research to determine the most economical options for transporting your cumbersome cargo.

Managing public relations –

Transporting wide loads on shared roads often raises public safety and environmental concerns. Therefore, even the slightest inclination that a local community will be impacted by your project cargo transportation job deserves attention.

Cargo design –

The requirements of moving a particular product can sometimes determine how that product is manufactured – for example, whether a product is produced as one unit or in multiple parts and assembled on-site. Analyzing your shipment to determine specific dimensions and weights, and how those can be manipulated, may allow us to expand your carrier and routing options to minimize your transportation and handling costs.

Route and mode optimization –

As one can expect, transit times and various requirements will vary widely for road, rail, air, ocean, or inland barge. As knowledgeable transportation specialists, we at DGD Transport can advise you on length, width, height, and weight restrictions that may necessitate using one mode of transportation over another for your project cargo transportation job.

Change orders and delivery timelines –

With any similarly complicated project, one can expect changes or delays in things like material sourcing plans or production, which can lead to unintended consequences. For example, changing destination location can dramatically increase lead times and transportation times.

Therefore, shippers and service providers must plan for potential problems. We can help you build flexibility into your project cargo transportation job to ensure you aren’t shocked or surprised at any point during the move.

project cargo transportation

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