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Container Drayage Services

Our nationwide container drayage services can handle freighted goods at an intermodal point, warehouse or marine point
to then separate the cargo, load it and take it to the subsequent destination points. On-demand and transparent 3PL services through
legal compliance and utilizing proprietary technology.

Best Intermodal Drayage Shipping, Coast to Coast

At DGD Transport, we have well-established relationships with carriers near almost every port in the United States. Modern businesses and supply chains are increasingly freeing themselves of international boundaries as imports and exports continue to grow with each passing year. Our on-demand technology provides cost-effective & eco-friendly solutions, so more businesses can focus on their unique business model/goal. Our tested and reliable nationwide team is your one point of contact for drayage throughout the US.

Nationwide Container Drayage Advantages with DGD Transport:

  • - Less than 2 Miles from Miami International Airport -
  • - Minutes from Port of Miami and Port of Everglades -
  • - In-House Bonded Container Freight Station -
  • - Service All Major Ports on the East Coast, West Coast and the Gulf -
  • - GPS Tracking on all trucks -
  • - Track Container status Through TruckHub -
  • - All New Freighliner Fleet model years 2015 and newer -
  • - The Nations Gateway to South America and The Caribbean -

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8005 NW 80th Street Miami Florida 33166 nationwide container drayage

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