The Best Hazmat Certifications to get in 2019

| By: Gilbert

What are the types of Hazmat Training that are
available for Certification?

Sufficiency in skills and safety practices in the hazmat industry is crucial. One is required to engage
and complete training to attain industry certification.

Classification of Hazardous Goods
To qualify to work in this industry, one has to understand the classifications of hazardous goods
which includes the following categories;
• Explosives
• Flammable substances
• Combustible liquids
• Gases
• Toxic substances
• Radioactive elements
• Corrosive substances
• Oxidizing materials
• Miscellaneous but dangerous substances.

Types of Training for Certification
Incidents occur due to human error in the handling of processes and equipment. This poses a
danger to both the workers and the public. Workers are required to attain several certifications to
avert this. These include the following;
• General awareness
• Safety training
• Security training
• Function training
• In-depth training
These certifications are regulated by HMR which is governed by the DOT and the PHMSA. They work
to ensure that the workers get training in the identification, classification, handling, packaging, and
transporting hazardous materials in a safe and regulated means.
Employees also undergo training on the specific functions that they are required to undertake. The
training helps them to excel when it comes to service provision and adherence to rules and
OSHA regulations and standards govern safety training. It ensures that they understand each
process, know how to handle the hazardous items while keeping themselves and the public safe
from harm that may arise due to interaction with these products.
Security training is for employees to learn how to defend themselves in case of a threat. It
encompasses methods of how to respond and recognize security threats.
In-depth training requires employees to be in the know of the company’s policies, security measures
and procedures, employee responsibilities, and the organizational structure of the company.
It is important to note that Certification in Hazmat training is a mandatory requirement for one to
work in this industry. Being certified helps to ensure safety at the workplace and for the public.
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