Development of “The Scorpion Tower”

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Post UpdateBack in 2018, we blogged about our involvement in this epic project! The Scorpion Tower is now preparing for occupancy.

Miami’s most iconic 62-story residential tower earns a temporary certificate of occupancy as it prepares for occupancy and closings to commence immediately in the coming months.

DGD Transport played an integral role in the development and construction of the Zaha Hadid-designed One Thousand Museum. The 62-story high-rise, named “The Scorpion Tower,” is currently under construction in the heart of downtown Miami, DGD’s stomping grounds.

“When Chris Rich from 1000 Museum called us to get a quote for this project, we got right to work,” said Luis Lopez, DGD Transport’s CEO. “The entire office had a hand in this project because they needed so many services.”

Joe Cerri’s Plaza Construction was hired to complete the “Impossible Build,” and DGD Transport was responsible for more than a handful of services to make the impossible possible. We’re not only honored to have had the chance to work with Cerri and his crew, we’re also proud of our fleet’s professional successful completion of each service provided.

“The Scorpion Tower”
Built-Out by DGD Transport Cranes

We provided crane service to facilitate loading and unloading cradles of construction material from our LowBoy RGN equipment. Construction materials are historically considered Heavy Hauling which requires equipment that can haul more weight legally than the standard chassis. Cranes are the only way to move the cradle from the LowBoy RGN to the floor on the construction site and back on the LowBoy for return of the cradle.

Customs Clearance

Our in-house customs team processed forms to allow customs clearance for the cradles of material coming into the Port of Miami. We provided consultation on the proper process of importation while completing the required forms to make ensure a smooth process that would not cause delays for the receipt of material.

Escorts & Permits

Due to excessive weights and Department of Transportation regulation, we escorted the cradles of construction materials from the Port to our Yard for storage. Then we provided escort service from our storage to the construction site. This is necessary for the safe transport of materials and safety of the general public commuting alongside a heavy load.

Our team managed permits for the transport of material on specialty equipment (LOWBOY, RGN).

Inventory Control

We stored and managed cradles of construction material in our secure yard and maintained inventory. Materials were all kept under 24/7 security with inventory levels checked and updated on a daily basis.

Local Delivery

We supplied local delivery services to 1000 Museum using our low boy and landoll’s and offloaded the cradles of material at the construction site via crane.

We were extremely honored to take part in such a major South Florida project; and proud of our team for delivering so many services toward its completion.

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