Top 10 Trucking & 3PL events to go to in 2019

| By: Duncan

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Top 10 Trucking & 3PL events to go to in 2019

The Importance of Attending these Events

With the increased customer demand, there is a need for improvement in the 3PL supply chain
industry. These can be attained by attending a series of events which are organized for the
betterment of this industry.
The following are the Top ten trucking events to go to in 2019

1. Truckers Jamboree

Held in Walcott Iowa, it has been in existence since 1979. It’s held to commemorate truckers in
the 3PL industry in the American market. It features truck displays as well as sports to educate
people about the trucking industry.

2. Great American Trucking Show

This takes place in Dallas, Texas where exhibitors meet to showcase their trucks, spare parts as
well as engage in interactive dialogues with the public on how to make improvements in this

3. National Truck Driving Championship

Professional truckers compete in a safe environment and encourage drivers to be careful while

4. InSight User Conference

Teamwork is the main focus of this conference. It serves to show clarity through improved
performance in the trucking sector.

5. CVSA Annual Conference and Exhibition

Here, the government and stakeholders come together to effect necessary changes in the
trucking industry.

6. Accelerate Conference and Expo

This is dedicated to the women in the 3PL industry. It is held to promote gender diversity and
create networking opportunities too.

7. ATA Management Conference and Expo

Held in San Diego, it features a business-oriented theme, focusing on the improvement of the
3PL industry.

8. NASTC Conference

This is geared toward an industrial supply chain management service for the smallholders in
this industry, allowing growth and prosperity.

9. NAFA 2019 institute and Expo

For networking purposes, fleet managers gather once a year to receive training from prominent
people concerning the 3PL industry.

10. Mid America Trucking Show

From current insights to evolving technology, this conference hosts truck manufacturers from
around the world to discuss improvement strategies in this industry.
It is essential for one to attend the above exhibitions since they are important for the growth of
the industry. They happen yearly, so it is easy to plan for them.