Top 5 Global Hazmat Goods Accidents

| By: Gilbert

Incidents Witnessed

Hazards That Take Place Due To
the Failure of Following Legal Shipping and Storage of Dangerous Goods

• A highlight of the most notable accidents that have occurred globally in
the hazmat industry.
• Causes of Hazards
Damages are prone to occur when dangerous goods are mishandled. There are instances where
this has led to massive loss of lives and property. The following are some of the notable
incidences around the world.
Top 5 Global Hazmat Goods Incidents
1. Gulf of Mexico
In the year 2010, in the Gulf of Mexico; amidst drilling of an exploratory well, combustion
occurred due to the emission of methane gas which got mixed with water and mud.
2. Alaska
In 1989, in Alaska, a hip which ferried millions of gallons of crude oil got damaged; hence, oil
leaked into the ocean. The accident caused harm to animals, fish, and human life.
3. Ukraine
A nuclear power plant experienced an accident where people were burnt and others exposed
to cancer in Ukraine in 1986.
4. India
Thousands of natives in India died due to exposure to methyl isocyanate gas in 1984.
5. Vietnam
Between 1961 and 1971, Vietnamese residents suffered from diseases which were caused by
the use of an herbicide called agent orange.
Hazards occur when stakeholders do not follow legal shipping and storage rules as outlined by
PHMSA. These are classified into three.
Causes of Hazards
• Chemical
This is contamination of the environment, water, and air from dangerous chemical and gases.
As a result, combustion of property and loss of lives is likely to occur. Some dangerous goods
are prone to combust when exposed to unstable conditions.
• Physical
Accidents happen when vehicles transporting dangerous goods are not properly inspected.
• Human Error

Due to unavoidable circumstances, humans are prone to error, which at times are costly or
even takes lives. It is vital to research, practice, and maintain the laid out rules and regulations
regarding the shipping and storage of dangerous goods. This is because this rules out the
possibility of the occurrence of accidents.
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