Top Third-Party Logistics Services

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Third-party logistics services, also known as 3PL logistics services, are services catered towards the management, transportation, and fulfillment of goods from other businesses. These are third-party companies that offer asset logistics, as well as help with the stocking and shipping of goods that are delivered to them by the larger supply companies.

So, what exactly are the types of services provided by 3PL companies? How can you benefit from doing business with a third-party fulfillment company? Take a look at the top five 3PL services offered by the pros to help you understand this invaluable supply chain management system.

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1. Fulfillment

First and foremost, a 3PL logistics company typically specializes in order fulfillment. This means that the third-party company is responsible for the packaging, shipping, and delivery of an item that is purchased through the larger supplier company.

2. Storage

Of course, fulfillment companies would be useless if they did not have a warehouse to store essential items. Suppliers and retail chains can depend on third-party companies to store and safely hold the items until one is purchased. At that point, it gets pulled from the inventory and sent out for delivery.

3. Freight Forwarding

With a freight forwarding service, the 3PL company will:

  • Move pallets of freight from a shipping company to the buyer
  • Arrange the products and pull orders from the warehouse to be put on pallets
  • Expedite the crossing of state, city, or country borders

This is a comprehensive process that oversees the shipment to its final destination. From the moment the pallets leave the warehouse, they are being managed, and the paperwork is taken care of by the third-party company.

4. Receiving

Along with the storage and shipping of items, most 3PL companies also specialize in receiving. Larger retailers need a place to cheaply and affordably store their items, and 3PL warehouses are the perfect place for them. Most warehouses have a designated receiving area for the proper management of new stock.

5. Distribution

Some 3PL fulfillment centers will also distribute to wholesalers and other businesses. No matter the type of buyer, a storage and supply chain management company is happy to fulfill orders and ship items to contracted buyers.

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