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Customer Service 3PL

As the current logarithmic growth of technology continues, the declining human element organizations investing in their staff and perspective abilities- is now starting to plateau. From a number of angles, countless reasons validate this change, namely the overhead countless business can theoretically save, yet as more and more organizations move forward with this shift, a gap is suddenly appearing. The ability for one to speak to another and understand their concerns through empathy is one-factor technology has yet to program out. Outstanding customer service (only possible with the human element) never goes out of style, regardless of the industry, and businesses can either thrive or be punished through online forms and various social media outlets. Customer service transportation based is especially important to note due to various psychological factors- the uneasiness one feels when a time-sensitive item is being shipped from a vendor (like Amazon), but they are unaware of the item’s location and current status.

The DGD Difference

Here at DGD Transport, technology is a cornerstone of our business, but investing and improving our team will always be foremost in our operations model. We understand that there are facets A.I. is not able to do (yet), and other long-standing companies, like Uber, Tesla, Lyft, Google and DGD Hazmat, recognize this; more and more intra-business policies demand investing in retaining high valued employees. This philosophy, in turn, allows for successful project deliverables and, more importantly, high B2B and B2C customer service satisfaction.

Self-driving vehicles, namely trucks, and their theoretical potential are such an example.

Announced on July 31st, Uber technologies ended their self-driving truck program due to the countless benefits of having a human driver.

“We’ve decided to stop development on our self-driving truck program and move forward exclusively with cars,” said Eric Meyhofer, head of Uber Advanced Technologies Group. Meyhofer went on, confirming that the company’s direction “will focus the technology on its fleet of passenger cars.” The latter has been driving force of DGD Transportation since its conception. This facet is further reinforced by the company’s outstanding customer support. Regardless of the industry, don’t invest your company’s limited resources with a vendor or supplier who will leave you in the cold.

Growing Success

Inc. 5000 recently took note of DGD Transport’s growing success via in the 37th edition of their annual magazine. DGD Transport was ranked as “one of the fastest growing companies in America”. Read the entire article here.

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