3PL Trucking Industry Is Growing

| By: DGDtransport

Number of New Drivers Defying Expectations

Despite fears of driver shortage reported by the American Trucking Association earlier this year, the for-hire trucking sector is doing exceedingly well. In March, there were more than 6,500 job additions. This comes after the 6,000 that were added during February. Have no doubt- trucking industry is growing and shows no signs of slowing down.

Trucking Industry Is Growing

Trucking on the rise- this good news for the industry comes as a result of the lifted regulations and tax reform decisions made by our government. For-hire trucking employment has reached a total of nearly 1.48 million, which is 23,000 more jobs than this time last year. Wages, though, have still not seen the increase expected at less than 2%. While the trucking industry is growing, so is A.I. and related technologies; this tech. growth concerns many 3PL industry workers.

It’s an exciting time for the for-hire trucking industry. Technology such as blockchain and AI are shaking up the industry. Merchants, logistic companies and carriers have more resources to hire new truckers and make internal improvements. At DGD Transport, we strive to provide a work environment that keeps our drivers’ pockets full and bodies well-rested.

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