Typical 3PL Problems Facing the Modern B2B Owner

| By: Gilbert

Challenges that the Modern 3PL Owner
Faces Today

• When current Logistics Provider is Late to Respond
• Challenges when Relying On A Reputable Logistics Company
• What’s The Impact of Working With a Tech-Savvy Logistics Company?
3PL logistics’ full name is Third Party Logistics or sometimes referred to as TPL. This is where
organizations use a third-party business to distribute products through transportation. Before you
check on one, make sure they are reliable anytime they are needed. But again, you need to
understand why they can’t be there for you when you need them the most. Here is why you should
know about any 3PL business and why people choose them. These are what make one search for
an alternative 3PL service provider.

Issues with their current transportation/logistics provider
One of the things is that some companies may not be at your call because they are attending to
another customer. However, they are all willing to work so hard to be at your call. Maybe they don’t
have enough fleet of vehicle to serve you at the time because they are new.
Even established ones have this problem because the client in question may be placed an order late.
These people work on a first-come-first-served basis. Unless you wait a bit, they will be at your

Lack of reliable transportation
Trying to find a reliable transportation company to move goods that will allow them to expand their
business is a big challenge. This occurs when:
• A reputable company is busy as not to attend to you at the said times. Most people opt for
companies that are available at short notice. This is usually tricky since your chances of getting an
inexperienced company is more.
• You want to work with a technology-savvy logistics provider because their business runs on digital
tools – it is always essential to work with a technologically savvy company because then you will get
reliable service when you need it. They let you track each, and every step of your delivery process
and most of all, a technologically savvy company will deliver your product as fresh as they should be
and on time.

Is your current logistics provider giving you problems, then it’s the right time to terminate their
contract and hire a reliable company. You will save on cost and contribute to making the
environment safe since they use appealing freezing agents.
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